NGS Target Enrichment Panel
Celemics pushes the limits of current NGS solutions in performance, flexibility, and cost.
Our hybridization-based target enrichment panel shows superior capture performance
especially in GC-rich, pseudogene and various homologous regions.
Meet our panels for inherited disease, oncology, liquid biopsy, AgBio and pharma applications.
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SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing Service
Celemics provides complete SARS-CoV-2 whole-genome sequences within 2-3 days,
even for contaminated specimens or samples of minuscule quantities.
Our unique enrichment assay and bioinformatics algorithm enable accurate full sequence
analysis with low coverage bias.
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Contiguous Sequencing Service
Celemics provides an innovative NGS-based sequencing solution that overcomes
the limitations of Sanger sequencing’s primer walking step, enabling significantly faster,
accurate, and cost-effective analysis for sequences up to 20kb.
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Celemics Story
Celemics innovates NGS-Based material with novel sequencing technology to disrupt the paradigm of medicine, biopharmaceutics, microbiome, agricultural biotechnology, and synthetic biology industries. We aid our customers on the front line to combat diseases and push the boundaries of biotechnology.

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Press release

Celemics, A Global Leader in Targeted Genetic Sequencing, Announces Its Expansion Into North America With The Commencement Of Celemics America, Inc.

Celemics, a global pioneer of personalized medicine genetics, today announced its expansion into the North American market with the establishment of Celemics America, Inc.Celemics, the first Next Generation Sequencing test kit manufacturer in both Asia and Europe, has secured itself in the global market as a pioneer of Target Enrichment methodology and sample preparation for DNA sequencing and genetic testing. Next Generation Sequencing, or NGS, facilitates both hereditary and somatic genetic testing more accurately, quickly, and cost effectively than traditional methods of DNA sequencing. For organizations providing Next Generation Sequencing services, Celemics incorporates its proprietary synthetic probe rebalancing technology in its test kits and panels to ensure maximum performance and accuracy.Targeted Sequencing involves isolating genomic regions of interest from the whole genome and utilizes synthetic strands of DNA or RNA called probes, which assist in detecting the presence of a gene in a long DNA sequence. In order to address uniformity and coverage limitations associated with Targeted Sequencing, Celemics has developed and introduced a technology which incorporates precise rebalancing of probes following a pre-production pilot test. "Not all genetic regions are created equally" said Hyojun Han, Ph.D, Director of Research and Development at Celemics. "Some regions prove much more challenging to capture than others which can make it more difficult to detect genetic mutations within these regions. Our probe rebalancing technology was conceived and developed to specifically address this common issue".Celemics America, Inc. will initiate commercial operations in the U.S. with a primary goal of expanding this technology to North American markets to make contributions to Precision, or Personalized Medicine. Precision Medicine is the term used by medical and healthcare professionals to describe the emerging approach to coordinate disease prevention and treatment based upon an individual's lifestyle patterns and genetic variability."Precision Medicine is now at the forefront of the U.S. medical landscape" said Hyoki Kim, Ph.D, CEO of Celemics. "Celemics America will make a vital contribution to Precision Medicine by ensuring that Next Generation Sequencing service providers can feel confident in the accuracy and efficiency of their testing results through incorporating our Target Enrichment technology".Celemics America's product line will consist of both pre-defined and custom content Next Generation Sequencing test kits and panels. About CelemicsCelemics Inc., a privately held company based in Seoul, South Korea, develops and manufactures proprietary DNA and genetic sequencing test kits and panels. In addition to test kit manufacturing, Celemics also provides a full spectrum of Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics services to university researchers, hospitals, care providers, and pharmaceutical organizations. More information about Celemics is available at www.celemics.com.

Oct. 08. 2015

Celemics: Not All NGS Companies Are the Same

Asia's first and only proprietary tech-based NGS target capture kit developer Celemics develops target capture kits for next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications based on its proprietary molecular cloning technology called MSSIC (Massively Separated and Sequence-Identified Cloning). Target capture kits, which play a key role in NGS technology-based targeted sequencing, are commercially produced by only six companies in the world including Celemics. Investment points: 1) rapid NGS market growth; 2) business/overseas expansion The global NGS market continues to grow alongside technological advancements and sequencing cost declines. In addition to diagnostics, NGS technology is expected to be used in a wider range of applications including new drug development, microbiome, and seed development. As a result, the size of the global NGS market is projected to grow at a rapid pace from USD6.3bn in 2018 to USD31.4bn (KRW35tr) by 2026. Steep market growth, in turn, should lead to stronger demand for target capture kits. Celemics, backed by its advanced technology and services vs. peers, will likely enjoy notable growth in market share going forward. In addition, the company’s expansion into sequencing solutions and overseas markets should pick up pacefrom 2020 with the release of its NGS solution, BTSeq (Barcode-Tagged Sequencing). Initiate coverage with BUY and a conservative target price of KRW40,000 We initiate coverage of Celemics with BUY for a target price of KRW40,000. Our target price is based on the present value of the EPS forecast of KRW1,239 for 2022 (reflecting expectations for improvement in operating margins to peer average levels backed by overseas and BTSeq sales) and a target PER of 37.9x (15% discount to the PER average of peers). On the first day of listing, Celemics shares gained just 29% vs. the IPO price. However, we believe Celemics sets itself apart from other listed domestic NGS companies, as: 1) one of the six companies in the world that have succeeded in the commercialization of target capture kits for NGS applications; and 2) a company capable of expanding beyond the domestic market to overseas markets for faster earnings growth. Recently-listed US peer Twist Bioscience is currently trading at a market cap of USD3bn (roughly KRW3.6tr), even with the company's target capture kit-related sales standing at just KRW25.3bn as of 2019. Considering the upbeat earnings outlook, Celemics shares appear excessively undervalued at current price levels.

Aug. 24. 2020

Celemics bags $800K deal to supply gene expression profilers to Firalis SA

Celemics has signed a $800,000 contract to supply its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based gene expression profilers for neurodegenerative disease to Firalis S.A., a France-based developer and provider of biomarker diagnostic products.Shares of Kosdaq-listed Celemics traded a tad higher in the morning session on Wednesday.According to its disclosure on Wednesday, Celemics will provide Firalis with NeuroMICS products for PAXgene/PBMC and Plasma/Saliva until 2022. The deal value represents about 18 percent of Celemics’ revenue last year.NeuroMICS™ identifies and quantifies more than 5,000 brain tissue-specific long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in peripheral blood samples that can serve as biomarkers to characterize patients with early-stage neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer`s disease.NeuroMICS features high-accuracy results based on Celemics` know-how in manufacturing NGS products for 10 years and its unique rebalancing and target capture technology. It can analyze about 5,000 types of lncRNAs at once, providing a more efficient and cost-effective approach than conventional methods, according to the company.NeuroMICS is Celemics` second NGS-based product to be delivered to Firalis after a similar deal over FiMICS, an NGS-based product to quantify cardiac-enriched lncRNAs in 2018.The availability of the lncRNA panel opens a window for new therapeutics and personalized medicine tools for diverse diseases, experts say.

Oct. 28. 2020

Celemics Expedites Target Enrichment NGS Data Insights by Partnering With BlueBee on a Global Genomics Data Solution

Celemics Expedites Target Enrichment NGS Data Insights by Partnering With BlueBee on a Global Genomics Data Solution Celemics, provider of NGS target enrichment kits and innovative sequencing platforms, announced today the release of a comprehensive NGS target enrichment workflow for clinical and translational research applications.To serve as an end-to-end workflow with integrated genomic data analysis, Celemics partnered with BlueBee, an industrial-grade and highly configurable data platform provider, to develop a bioinformatics solution tailored for their assay and end-user experience. Collaborative efforts between these two industry leaders produced the Celemics web solution, offering a new level of accessibility to users of target enrichment NGS assays. The Celemics web solution will act as a springboard to propel research towards precision medicine and provide Celemics with an extensible, highly efficient and scalable data strategy poised for growth. The Celemics web solution is a turnkey analytics option, transforming raw data into actionable results as part of the Celemics NGS target enrichment kit portfolio. "Data analysis is a critical workflow area with potential for streamlining," says Dr. Hyoki Kim, CEO Celemics. "We chose BlueBee to address the data analysis bottleneck for our customers with a platform that fits precisely with our assay. The Celemics web solution standardizes the digital end of the workflow, is high-performance, and provides ease of use. This strategic product extension is directly in line with our company mission of accelerating precision medicine, which we are thrilled to make tangible for a global market," Dr. Kim adds. Leveraging BlueBee's Genomics Platform, Celemics is able to serve an expanding global market with clinical-grade data compliance and guaranteed data residency for customers in Europe, Asia, and beyond. The administrator features of the platform ensure that Celemics remains in complete control of their pipeline and operations. The streamlined user interface enables end-users with any level of expertise to analyze, interpret, and return actionable results from their sequencing workflow. Celemics end-users may also work collaboratively, providing secure, permissioned, and audited access of project data and analyses. "We are honored to serve Celemics," says Hans Cobben, CEO of BlueBee. "The BlueBee Genomics Platform, configured for the Celemics data workflow, will streamline data analysis through insight generation for target enrichment applications, and support market expansion for Celemics. Partnerships like this that bridge the gap between wet-lab and data workflows, are critical to the pursuit of precision medicine," Cobben adds. About Celemics Celemics is a biotech company developing and supplying key enabling solutions in the field of genomics, antibody discovery and synthetic biology. As a manufacturer of target enrichment kits for NGS applications, Celemics secured itself in the global market for genetic testing. Celemics offers defined panels and customized target enrichment kits in IVD and RUO sector with remarkable synthetic probe rebalancing technology under stringent quality management system (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP). Founded 2010, Celemics has been focused in the last several years on providing target enrichment panels in Europe and Asia for various applications including oncology, inherited disease and genetic marker discovery.

Oct. 15. 2019

Breakthrough test kit identifies 39 virus strains including Covid-19 mutations

Celemics Launches Comprehensive Respiratory Virus (CRV) Panel for accurate identification and sequencing of whole respiratory virus genomes - A NGS approach to detect 39 strains of 9 common human respiratory viruses including SARS-CoV-2, several other coronaviruses, influenzas, rhinoviruses, and respiratory syncytial virus - Offers fast and reliable multiplexed detection of respiratory pathogens in a single reaction Celemics Inc., a company innovating DNAbased material through novel sequencing technology, announced the launch of its Comprehensive Respiratory Virus (CRV) Panel, an optimal Research Use Only (RUO) NGS target enrichment solution covering 9 common human respiratory viruses including SARS-CoV-2. The Celemics CRV Panel includes 39 strains of the 9 most prevalent respiratory viruses including coronaviruses (CoV), influenza virus, adenovirus, bocavirus (hBoV), enterovirus, metapneumovirus, parainfluenza virus (hPIV), human rhinovirus (HRV), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Unlike common RT-PCR assays, which detect only one pathogen at a time, the NGS-based Celemics CRV Panel is designed to identify, detect, and sequence each pathogen and any present mutations in a single reaction. Celemics has engineered the Celemics CRV Panel to provide flexible and reliable performance. The Celemics CRV Panel shows more than 100X coverage for over 99% of the viral genome, offers a hybridization time four times faster than the current standard, and it detects concentrations as low as 100 viral copies per virus, enabling researchers to analyze nasopharyngeal samples, which commonly do not yield viral loads of sufficient quantity and quality needed for NGS applications. The Celemics CRV Panel is bundled with a non-cloud based standalone bioinformatics software that enables a complete workflow beginning with library preparation and resulting in publication-ready results that are not subject to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The Celemics CRV Panel is available for access in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand via Celemics’ certified retailers. [About Celemics] Celemics is a biomaterial technology company that creates innovations in DNA-based materials with its novel sequencing technologies to disrupt the paradigm of a range of industries including pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and agriculture biotechnology. Established in 2010, Celemics has developed its proprietary MSSIC™ (Massively Separated and Sequence Identified Cloning), a microwell chip and laser technology that automates cloning and sequencing processes. Leveraging this innovative and unparalleled technology, Celemics has manufactured a broad range of next-generation sequencing (NGS) products including target enrichment panels, NGS library preparation tools, and reagents, which are recognized for its industry-leading quality and cost by customers around the globe. All of Celemics’ facilities are ISO9001/ISO13485/GMP certified. Celemics has its headquarter in Seoul, Korea, and has a regional office in Beijing, China. For more information about Celemics, please visit www.celemics.com

Jan. 06. 2021

How TrueRepertoire™ accelerates your research
Sequence scFv or Fab libraries, analyze entire variable regions, and process over 10,000 clones in a single experiment with TrueRepertoire™, an NGS-based antibody sequencing platform aiming to overcome key research issues including frequent sequencing errors, short read length, and high costs for future gene synthesis.

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